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A big, red, round temple to partying. Major concerts coincide with political meetings, discussions, wine tasting, disco, football matches and... you name it. You are certain to get lost in the mazes of this wonderful house. Fairly empty in summer and on weekdays, but on term time weekends it's good. Expect to pay around NOK 30- 60 in the door on weekends, more if there's a major concert going on. The place is run by approx 1300 student volunteers who do everything from serving drings, rigging concerts, sing in Samfundets choir, play in Samfundets symphony orchestra and hold political debates. Befriend anyone who works there, and try to gain access to their private quarters. Most volunteers are enthusiastic people that often are easy to befriend if you e.g. is a foreigner showing interest. The private quarters are secluded areas where the volunteers hang out after "work", and is an even more elaborate maze with some 20 pubs that stays open all night (and day... and night again...)


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Elgeseter gate 1, Trondheim, Norway